Suvarna Prashan

A unique Ayurvedic method to boost immunity and intellect.

Suvarna prashanaIt is one of the methods of suvarna prashana explained in Ayurveda as unique method of boosting immunity and intellect of children. The modern days have left human beings amidst a lot of stress, the altered food habits, a great deal of distractibility, addictions, varied agricultural practices which in turn affect the strength of the individual both physically and mentally. This makes the humanity to fall a prey of diseases. In the ever-demanding competitive age of today there is always a need to excel. This in turn requires best of health and intelligence. Hence parents are always in search of a supplement, which will promote health and intelligence of their child.

Ayurveda has explained such health promoting agents under name of rasayana. Suvarna prashan is such rasayana mentioned in Ayurveda to promote immunity and memory of children.

Suvarna has the properties like that of Medha vardhana, Agni vardhana, Bala vardhana, Vrushya, Ayushyakara, Grahapaha etc. These unique properties can’t be left unharnessed as they can be made use to strengthen an individual. The modern vaccination techniques are specific and are of a great help only when a particular pathogen invades the body, which is a matter of chance. But the Ayurvedic technique like Suvarna prashan is nonspecific and is in action round the clock guarding the individual as it boosts the immunity in general. Suvarna Prashan has an added benefit as it is medhavardhaka and hence promotes intellect in addition to immunity.

Suvarna Prashana is practiced by many grannies of the family but it is not reached to every child, but the concerns of health and intelligence at every group of today’s generation.

The process in which SUVARNA( GOLD) are taken in the form of liquid , semi solid or paste form by children through their mouth is called SUVARNA PRASHAN.

Time to give Suvarna Prashan:
Everyday Morning or Atleast on the day of Pushya Nakshatra. This day arrives after every 27 days.

Age of Children who can take Suvarna Prashan:
 New born babies upto the age of 12.

 Ingredients of Suvarna Prashan:
Gold, Vacha, Shankh Pushpi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Honey, Cow's ghee etc.

Why on Pushya Nakshatra?
Pushya nakshatra has a great importance in Ayurvedic medical science. It is considered to be very auspicious day. The collection of the drugs and there utility on the body on this day is said to have a special importance as it is considered to be very effective in terms of action. There are many research studies still going on to explore the logic behind it, one of such studies is being done in our own hospital. But on gross probably the body on this day is in a better position to absorb the drugs for its optimum benefit and the drugs used are more potent than the usual.

Since the drug is used in children for the sole benefit to increase immunity and intelligence, which is the prime concern of many parents and family, it is being practiced on this auspicious day.

Benefits of Suvarna Prashan:

  1. Immune System towards diseases become very powerful ( Rog pratikarak shakti)
  2. Physical strength becomes powerful
  3. Grasping power, sharpness, analysis power, memory becomes very strong.
  4. Improves digestion power
  5. Tones up skin colour
  6. Growth of mind and body becomes better
  7. Anti – toxic power increases, hence fighting against poison in any form becomes strong in the child (eg. Pesticides in fruits, vegetables etc)
  8. This gives strong protection from infection
  9. It helps in preventing diseases that come during “teeth growing phase
  10. It saves from diseases that occur due to seasonal change.
  11. It also saves the child from different kinds of Allergies.

Overall, it makes a child healthier than most other children.

Dates for Swarna prashan for the year 2011

Month Date
January 20th
Febuary 17th
March 16th
April 12th
May 10th
June 6th
July 3rd
July 30th
August 27th
September 22th
October 20th
Novomber 17th
December 14th

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